Click the links below to read the articles. The first ninety articles focus on psychology and were published in The Northerner, a weekly newspaper in La Ronge, Saskatchewan from 1998 to 2004. 



The Age of Psychology
The Epidemic of Low Self-Esteem
Crazy Making in our Communities
Treating Schizophrenia
From Lloydminster to Lenningrad


What the World Needs Now..
Gossiping in La Ronge
The Klan in Saskatchewan
On Racism
Cult-Proofing Our Children


Dealing with Satanism in our Youth
The Spirit of Xmas
The Original Revenge of the Nerds
Mental Health Food
Feed Your Children Well


The Language of Violence in our Schools
Be in Control of your Memes
The Mind of Uncle Sam
Dads are Important in Single Parenting
Dads Can be Maternal Too


Understanding our Children's Development
The New Psychology of Marketing
Garbage, Spirituality, and Mental Health
Community and its Counterfeit


Community and its Counterfeit in Education
The Chemical Basis of Love
The Dance of Love and Lust
Doomsday Prophets and their Followers
The Matrix of Culture


Passing Through Cultural Walls of Illusion
Understanding Anger
The Three Faces of Alcoholism
Tentative Beliefs are the Best Kind
New Therapy Available in the North


Re-Weaving our Life Web
Men's Grief is Often Complicated by Culture
Managing Your Stress Well
Building Community
Building "Self"


Professional Ethics
Voter Psychology
Women can be Abusive Too
Home Study Reports are Not Always Gender-Neutral
We Need to Become Tentative in our Thinking


Dealing with Rett Syndrome
Compassion Should be Shared Across Genders
Abortion and Crime Rates have been Linked
Conflict can be Built into our Organizations
Combatting Terrorism Can Begin at Home


Raising the Attentionally-Deficited Child
Dealing with Residential School Abuse
Beware of False "Recovered" Memories
Sex Studies Often Measure Repression, not Promiscuity
Helping the Right Employee Find the Right Employer


We Need Ceremony in our Lives
Finding God
Northern Communities Benefit from Cyber-Counselling
Finding Meaning in our Grief Journey
Taming the Child Welfare Bureaucracy


Canadian Co-dependency is Treatable
Magical Thinking Begins at an Early Age
Separating Truth from Fiction
Take Responsibility and Increase your Personal Power
Increase Your Personal Power through Counselling


Help your Friends Understand Depression
Don't Confuse Spanking with Physical Abuse
Protecting yourself from Job Stress
Protect your Free Will - Become Knowledgeable about Advertising
Changing the Self Involves Transition


Building Warrior Caregivers
Illusions of Self
Picking the Best Psychologist for You
Reconstruct Your Memories Carefully
Understanding Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities


Spirituality Can Transcend Religion
Interpreting Our Dreams
Northerners Need New Approaches to Addictions
What is Wrong with the Teenage Brain?
Looking Beyond a Victim Mentality


Lateral Violence Assaults our Mental Health
Un-Creating Race
A Slice of Colonialism: The Long View
Protecting our Kinder, Gentler Way
Expressing Anger at Toshiba


Developing Community
Community Disempowered: A Narrative of a Failed Community Development Attempt
A Reader's Response to "Lateral Violence"
Decolonizing The North
Cons Display Colonial Attitude


What Bernie Sanders can teach the NDP

Interview: Psychology and Psychotherapy

Interview: Freud, Jung, and the Purpose of Psychotherapy

Interview: Science gone wrong, misapplied psychology and Indian Residential Schools

Rapport and Transference in Counselling


Self Actualization of Boys and Young Men

The difference between Counselling and Therapy

Touchpoints in Psychotherapy

The Tentativeness in Science is its Strength

Benefits and Problems with Building Rapport in Counselling


The self, attempts to re-engineer the aboriginal self, and future selves

Practicing Psychology Intergenerationally

The Stigmatization of Men and Social Work

Connecting Humanism and Good Mental Health

Humanist International Release on Gulalie Ismail

 106 - 110

Connecting racism and cults through fascism

Christmas and Satanic cults in northern Saskatchewan

Victim Culture and Personal Empowerment

Soviet Psychology, Christian Counselling, Feminist Psychotherapy and Professional Ethics 

How Religious and Cultural Background Can Affect Therapy


How to Protect Yourself by Knowing the Psychology of Advertising

Religious denial of self and the repression of male emotions

Humanist Vice-President joins Centre for Inquiry - Canada

The Connection between the Self-esteem Movement and a coming Dark Age

Grieving, Metaphor and the Enlightenment

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